Thursday, May 31, 2012


The things many would have in mind is the f word i guess. 

But heck no lah, this is nothing to do about the f word. 
F is just a symbol of a grade i used to get for my Bahasa Melayu tests.
I remembered entering fourth grade getting 14% on the paper. teheck doh.
Memang nasib kat mcq lah tu.
If i was to fail the BM paper, imagine how it was like communicating,
no lessons, just setakat mana my mum and dad ajar. pastu balik malaysia. tak penah sekolah kebangsaan lak tu. PERH ! susah gak as teachers semua communicate in malay. hell i tell you.. it's like getting arrested in a Chinese jail and then being asked question. camtu lah haha. 

Ada my ustaz time grade four asked me as simple as "duduk mana?" (ok i understood but i had difficulty speaking) so since my house could be seen from school, i just pointed to my house haha. and ustaz tanya jalan mana? i said "satu" did the stroke symbol using my fingers "satu". 

I'm just saying i had rough times getting used to it. But to me, it's an advantage actually speaking english as first language. i talk english in the house. but it's just sometimes orang kata lupa daratan lah. kacang lupakan kulit. asal belancan berlagak keju. acik dia lah haha. Live across the borders for four years and come lah speak Malay to me.

But this post is not to piss anyone or getting myself piss, I'm telling who I am, and I as a voice of us "Diplomatic kids" (Ada crew bhai haha, kitorang anak2 kakitangan kedutaan kalau kat luar macam adik-beradik bro").. we just wanna tell you what we go through.

And anyways on the bright side, despite the speaking problem.. orang selalu kata buang yang keruh, amik yang jernih.. balik Malaysia was always the best thing.. landing at KLIA.. dia punya happy..

Try applying for a job outside my friends, it's interesting to understand how other culture and people live. seriously.. I love being outside.. it eases the stress.

so caloo for now eyy.. saja je post sebelum tidur. bosan katakan broh. goodnight, from Malaysia. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Peminta sedekah

I'm just here to tell a tale of once upon the other day,
I was at a restaurant having my usual lunch, nasi campur. and i saw a man walking towards me because i knew he was gonna mintak sedekah. Then terus aku bangun pergi tempat lauk, it was a step to actually avoid the beggar. ( really mean and irresponsible, i know :/). then dah amik lauk semua. nak duduk meja he's still there begging for money for orphanages, it's that effort that brought me to give him a certain amount.

but think again, i was mean before that, and the sincerity of what i gave, only Allah swt knows. it's the guilt and i hope Allah forgives me for that. Astaghfirullahalazim.

No conclusion to draw up, just a story to tell. caloo. 


Not the waffle makan waffle. waffle merapu waffle. 

Something told me to write so here i am on blogger trying to figure out what lah to write. 

I really should practice copy and pasting quotes i find and love so i can repost it here somehow or shit. haha

So actually the reason i posted this post is because someone asked me through twitter. i'll retweet it here like anyone would give an eff if i campur aduk twitter, instagram or tumblr here haha. my blog, my rules broh. (tibeh cari gaduh dengan orang haha)

"RT @<wonder_woman>:  elaborate.... Hows life hows your family hows college life? My facebook wall is a liddo dull without your sparkle btw ceh"

Ok so here i answer your how are you question in a blog post way. how suckass am i? awesome i know haha pfsch

I'm good, like i said i'm happy nowadays, no reason to be sad. I WAS sad the other weak due to really bad sickness. 

I'm beginning to realize sedikit demi sedikit things that do make me happy, and i'm realizing what rally is important in life. Create your own life, but to me it must be on values you've learned, then you appreciate it broh. 

My family is doing good, despite long distance. It suprise me how i could manage it alhamdulillah but yes i do get emotional sometimes. adat lah tu.. rindu. you'd get what i mean when you're far away from you parents as in.. far far sangat.. a ticket costs 6k one way.. calls cost like pfsch the heck mahal gila. whatever pun.. family matters. my homeys, sayangi lah ibu bapa anda :B

College life is like this and that but i'm just enjoying it more due to the performace 3++ CGPA rock on mofo. haha. and err it's just a college life i don't waste my time on but appreciate. thank you Allah for giving me a second chance. 

Oh and soalan (statement actually) yes i realize. aha. Guys. tips. spam a girl's wall. she'll miss you spamming. (macam yer yerrr) haha. i spam twitter now, so if you miss getting spam. then cari lah pasal kat twitter hahaha. 

ok so the main intention of the post is done, so my work is done. so goodnight blogger and calooo. assalamualaikum.

p.s. #randomFacts i got a translation at home that explains Surah Al Ikhlas, Al Falaq and An Nas in four pages... EACH ! as simple as few lines, explains a lot.. don't just recite it.. understand it... calooo again bro.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


I try distancing from you while we're close at some times so i'd learn to love you when you're far away.

Kerana aku yakin Allah mampu melindungimu.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


It's not the issue i'm about to talk about, it's the thoughts.

You see racism is a big issue here, dah ternyata aku ni seorang Malaysian, i'll give the contoh of Malaysia. You see; major races; Malay, Chinese, Indian. are we really unite? jika benar kita bersatu, kenapa masih berkelompok bro? It's not devastating to see, despite the kelompokness, kita still berdamai bro. and it's those simple things that make us fight, but it's those fights that actually come from small things; like gangsterism. Perpaduan to me is already there because.. because it's there lah. i'm not intellectual to further elaborate. My point for intellectuallity lah contohnya.. yes may 13 1969, yes lah we all have buku sejarah, yes lah we know stuff.. but gila mu kerajaan nak kasih budak-budak macam kita belajar lebih-lebih buat apa? we know the fundamentals bro but we not know off extreme (as in lebih lanjut; maaf perkataan yang saya gunakan pelik-pelik belako). but it's things like this that make us fight.

But again ! this is not an issue i'm trying to make, i'm just saying that i am happy to be in Malaysia. Gua pi luar negara berapa banyak kali balik Malaysia rasa macam nak lari dari Gate terminal sampai pintu keluar KLIA bro. sayang punya pasal bro. Jiran gua sebelah cina, nama dia Mr Lim. Belakang india. It's the perpaduan yang dah ada, dan aku percaya perpaduan terletak dalam hati bukan atas banner 1Malaysia. It's nothing we should promote off, sebab people already know lah.

Kita satu malaysia bro, tanah ni gua punya, tanah ni lu orang punya gak. janji i/c biru. jalannnnn.. ok kalau seandainya amerika itu asalnya british punya. kenapa bangsa british tidak tuntut hak cmtu. yet they leave in a state where africans, asians and lagi ramai race. memang berkelompok tapi still unite.

But cut the crap, this is not the racial issues again i'm trying to point out.

What i'm trying to say is; gua sayang Malaysia, lu orang sayang Malaysia seperti gua tidak? <3

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

7.20 pm - 7.45 pm

7.20 pm i thought of a brilliant idea.. i would type while i am thinking. Meaning every random thoughts in mind, i just type. 7.21 pm on my time and the Azan has arise. <pause for a moment> 7.24 pm on my clock and the Azan has been recited. i'll pray once my tummy had digested the awesome yong tau foo i just had. You know i had quite a busy day.. so here i go finishing my assignments up till 4 in the morn yesterday and woke up two hours later because i had morning classes and i had to submit lah kan the assignment. so there i go off to msu at 7.30 with the usual routine of makan dahulu before pergi class. it amazes me how nasi goreng in restaurants are way better when they are served in buffet rather than in courses. and lucky for me after i ate the printing shop opened so i went printing.. pastu sanggup topup and spent like 2-3 bucks of credit to call my mum. <3

Ok so then i sampai at the campus at like 8.30 and it was like half an hour early so i had time to go to the account department and get my id activated THUS !.. getting my exam slip. ok so then lepak lah lepak. orang kata tkde kerja merayau sini sana. i call it cuci mata. guys... women.. they all do it. stop bullcrapping around hahaha. then out of nowhere i got my driving license out AND WHAT THE EFF LESEN GUAAA DAH MATI SEMINGGU DAH BROOOO.. risau batinku memanggil risauuu brooo..

So i went to class at 9, my lecturer showed up early (suprised). and yes i got disturbed by the thoughts of WEYH BILA AKU NAK RENEW LESEN AKU INI ?! dah lah pukul 12 i had to meet my mentor to register subjects pulak. next class at 2 so bila aku nak renew. so class ended at noon (EFFIN SHARP BRO) so terus lari pergi mentor blahblabla pergi register (first time pergi lab tkde orang haha). so i fiddled around on the way.. if u know me.. you'd know the poyo way i walk and smile at people and somehow i distracted this one effing class by doing the kissing-the-badge-on-the-jersey move to mock a chelsea fan friend of mine and some chicks passes by giggling. SEBAB time aku kissed the badge.. bunyi kiss aku kuat.. (i figured i was sexy.. sexy lah tu) SO THEN TERUS PERGI RENEW LESEN.. the line was like.. every second.. tet.. tet.. tett.. mana pergi customer number 1050-1070? lari? tak sampai 10 minute setel. and then class and then mentor meeting. boring boring boriiinnngg pastu ada this tarik tali competition kat luar msu. checked it out sebab Nawwar ajak so mai lah.. and yes i see many awkward faces of people tarikking the tali so  i shall not describe it here..

Oh did i mention that in my morning classes i actually flew off a few paper planes from the class room window haahaha. 
ok 7.36 pm now.. 12 minutes to type the whole bunch of crap kat atas ini. and you know what i'm thinking about now.. sleep.. im tired.. i've been in this dilemma.. the dilemma when you know you should let go of some things for a while to give way for your effing own breath. i feel a lot relax. despite penat gila oink2 punya penat now.. i'm actually relaxed.. kalau tak aku tidak langsung bah terfikir nak blog skang ni..

7.38 pm and still typing.. and you know what's on my mind now.. Me... effing typing and tuning in to the sound of me typing hahaha. awesome lah mind kita.. we tend to not realize all the merapu things we don't really usually realize. 

Aww i miss my mum.. she seemed happy pagi tadi sebab i callled (WITH MY OWN CREDIT) selalu i'd be telling her to call back hahaha. oh and i miss my youngest sister..while the other sisters gossip.. my little sister ni lah peneman.. main lah mainan dinosaur dia.. (which she won't be using at that moment lah).. you know the reaction kids get when you play with the toys they play..

7.41 pm. BOY  I TYPE FAST I GUESS.. hahaha. this is fun. sebenarnya aku ada perasaan malas nak buat report ni.. -.- walaupun satu page tapi hang semua tahu tak satu page ibarat menulis satu novel.

i'm running out of ideas.. oh and what's on my mind now at 7.42pm was that.. susah bhai aku nak hilangkan rasa cinta..bukan aku nak buang.. just slow it down so i don't pressure myself. i wanna be happy in what i do. but forget that.. this is supposed to be a relaxing time.. 

DID YOU KNOW THAT SOME PEOPLE I KNOW .. yang tak pakai tudung.. pakai tudung.. perh ayu dia tahap mana brooo? ayuuuu braahh. (ok tibeh) ok so game over 7.44 and i'll name this post from the time i  started typing till the time i ended typing. caloo.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Untuk ibu, untuk baba

I miss you.

Baba has this garangness, but saya lagi rela dimarah kerana silap saya.
Ibu has this way of talking, it makes every words so soothing. 
Baba has this way of standing, it just makes me proud.
Ibu has this way of cooking, everything just tastes good.
Baba has this pose, it just makes him so strong. 
Ibu has this smile, just makes her the most beautiful woman in the world.

My house is in Cheras, but my home lies in the hearts of  ibu and baba, and without them I don't feel like home.

I feel like a mussafir in my own state.

Biar doa menjadi tadahan tanganku setiap hari, setiap malam. moga Allah sentiasa merahmati ibu dan baba.

I love you.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Mudah untuk kita melihat, mudah untuk jatuh hati, tapi tidak mudah untuk jatuh cinta. I remember this one moment of my life, not a long time, I was in this moment where aku dah serik dipermainkan oleh perasaan sendiri. It's a tough and emotional battle, but like any other battle, the way out was in Allah's (swt) path, so I prayed. wallahualam how long it took, but then you came. You impressed my eyes on that spot, but as time goes by, you impressed me as a whole. 

I admit nothing's ever easy. It's hard to tell, but i always try proving. And i beg Allah protect us from zina, and maksiat. Nauzubillah. 

you came because of Allah swt, so i'd love you lillahi ta'ala. 

"Allahumaaftahli abwaabal mawaddati"
(ya Allah, open the doors to true love)

kunfayaqun. wallahualam.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Pendapat seorang insan..

Banyak aspect yang kita ada dalam hidup, tambah lagi dengan banyak pandangan. It makes everything complicated. Some views of really wise ones, some from a really stubborn person, some are a mix of both. It's difficult to understand what people want.


Well i know you all know what i am referring, to me Malaysia has a really hampeh political fight, maybe it's because i'm not a citizen of another country so thats why lah i say Malaysian politic crisis is really bad. To me we are in a really peaceful state, and i bless it everyday. Pernahkah korang bangun pagi, depan pintu depan apartment korang ada war zone? because aku pernah. I once lived in Cambodia, during the Pol Pot regime. Gun shots right in front of my apartment doh. Ada dulu sampai our family kena hantar balik ke Malaysia sebab country tidak selamat. 

And everytime aku pergi luar negara, perasaan paling membahagiakan adalah pulang ke tanah air aku sendiri. it's really peaceful. Maybe ianya kesilapan pemimpin kita. Tidak semua orang boleh memimpin sebuah negara dan aku akui kelemahan yang ada sekarang broo. maybe kita perlu pemimpin lain, tapi aku tidak bersedia menghadapi opposition sebab bagi aku, Malaysia adalah aman. Our well known perpaduan, it's still there, i feel it, it's just invisible for now. 

I'm not a fan of bersih. I just get really offended because.. eh not offended, but you know.. aku dan ramai lagi yang tidak menyokong pembangkang or government, kitorang jadi mangsa ketakutan broo. Media pun satu, it's really bias. aku sendiri mengaku. nyampah aku tengok berita skang ni. baik aku online, tengok cerita cinta-cintun kawan kawan lol. bahagia sikit tengok TROLOLOLOLOL. but bitch please..

Hukum of protecting our rights, fardhu kiffayah. So kalau rasa tak ready, don't. bukan masalah ignorant ke tidak, kalau tak bersedia, JANGAN.. and bitch please, don't be the crowd, be the individual. MAKE YOUR EFFING POINT AS A PERSON, not as people. It's fun to be influencing rather than being influence. 

Tapi overall lah, I don't look forward to any fights, dear Lord (the Most Gracios, the Most Merciful) you protect my state ya Allah. 

ONE MORE POINT, Tun M backed down because he realized he was in power too long BUT he backed off when he was on the top. So other leaders.. pleasee.. sayangi lah negara Malaysia seperti mana rakyat-rakyat menyayanginya.