Friday, June 1, 2012

The smile of an orphan

So this is basicly another beggar story.
And again ith's the same mistake I made, you see at some times you don't give money and sometimes you do.

But it was on this day, and orphan asked med to "sedekah", trying all she can but i still i didn't.
Then she left.. but wait.. with a smile. and it's that smile yang buat aku terus sentap, terus terkilan.
I stared at the screen for a few moment, then looked back she just wasn't there anymore.

A lot played in my head that time.
Kita punya kedekut bagi sedekah, tapi mereka yang meminta masih mampu menyedekahkan senyuman kepada kita? Kenapa kita kedekut. mana tak susah hidup kita. 

After i paid up my meal, i thought i could find her back, but yeah Allah let it be guilt and a lesson. And if i ever see that smile again.. i'd remember this day.