Thursday, December 18, 2014


Okay I don't know how others approach shit, but this is how I do it.
I know I have been angry, I have been outraging and shit. 
Everything in life has been so wrong.

You should have known that what ever memories you gave me, I appreciated it.

You just had no clue you saved a lonely ass man like me, that's why you meant the world to me. And that's why I got disappointed when you decided to shut up. Oh well, it's your feelings, who the fuck am I to disrespect that.

I loved being around you man, it's like you're the most beautiful thing I've seen that ever stood in front of me. I got pictures I took senyap-senyap to proof it.

But anyways..

Friends please listen, don't end up in shit like me,
for love is a game for two, 
It doesn't matter if she doesn't like you, tepuk sebelah tangan,
Tak kisah, b

Because love is a game for two.
And one day, you'll get your second player.
You can cry all you want, biasalah perasaan manusia, but don't do something stupid
(say no to drugs) lol

So if anyone wants to share this to her, well silakan.
I'm not in the state of talking to her still, ego yang tinggi. Oh well.