Sunday, October 18, 2015

Captivating sorrow

If I could forget you, I would

we lost our ego back then now we just lost ourselves

remember the time I pretended to ask questions in class but ended up having a conversation.

it wasn't my fault, you speak beautiful

remember the night walks?

it was a cold night and you were shivering so I lended u a sweater.
it was a bitter night for you but I was there

remember running away from your friends so we could spend time together in the beach?

the sunset still rises in my memory

remember the fight we had when none of us blamed each other but blaming ourselves.

love never existed between us but heart beats keep us attached.

remember the time I brought you somewhere and you said "this is where we first met"?

it was a beginning, I guess this story never ended

now i'm lying here thinking of you

you coming back is the happiest fear I can have.

i'm afraid, too afraid

i refuse to talk to you.
but this doesn't stop me from missing you..because I do

but how can i turn away a love so rotten yet comforting.
a cottage, our love is poor, but it was home