Monday, January 30, 2017

Happy Blog

I've been thinking too much on how disappointed I was,
So I lack to appreciate,
Appreciation, never initiated.

All she, she, she and she did
Was to drag what she could long had give,
Now you're all fucked up, so how could I forgive

It doesn't matter my heart had rot,
Being in denial is the last thing I had thought,
Now the negativity is in my mind,
But I'm keeping it, like my love you never mind.

It's time for me to keep chasing my dreams,
I'm probably done chasing a woman,
They sprint the Bolt with their heals,
I'm just gonna need some time,
It's just in a matter of time,
Time will heal.

This is the most fucked up poem I have ever made,
But like my structured poems for you ever did matter,
It took many guts to come with a jade,
Ops I dropped it now it shatters.

How you ran from your problems,
Is the exact way I ran out of the topic.

So how you fucked with my feelings,
Now I'm just feeling fucked up with your species.