Sunday, February 5, 2017

Your beautiful soul

My dear,
Forgive me for calling you my dear,
I'm not necessarily your dear,
But when you need a shoulder I'm here.

Forget the bad things they whisper,
Because God's listening to your heart scream,
You have a dream,
And God's promise is not like your prime minister's BR1M.

My dear, 
I'm here,
You don't need to be sad no more,
You don't need those tears.

You need to realise, 
That man's sweet talks were real lies,
And you need to know what's real lies..
Inside your heart

Your beautiful heart,
Is a target in a real man's dart, Is a masterpiece in his art,
If he ask you to be his wife will you play the part? 
Only God will promise they shall never be apart.