Sunday, March 6, 2016

It's not a nightmare, it's a bad dream

It was a beauty in patiences,
But it's just the same, like Chinese men in the States being called Asians.
Every dream, stays just a dream, every time we meet, there's just no relation

How could you believe me? I just broke your heart.

Because heart's are meant to break, they just don't do it themselves, a person tore it apart

But I'm really sorry for the hard times,

you deserved an apology because some people just don't deserve my pity.
I want you to take care of yourself, even if you think you're fat, you're still pretty.

Apologies on 20 bars,

rappers wannabe would think they murdered it on fourty,
They think they can score chicks, Say what? awek orang sapu maca roti?

This post ain't about hip hop,

This is an apology for giving her a rough time, she must be upset, because motherfuck i think my heart dropped. Again I say, I'm sorry