Sunday, February 5, 2017

Your beautiful soul

My dear,
Forgive me for calling you my dear,
I'm not necessarily your dear,
But when you need a shoulder I'm here.

Forget the bad things they whisper,
Because God's listening to your heart scream,
You have a dream,
And God's promise is not like your prime minister's BR1M.

My dear, 
I'm here,
You don't need to be sad no more,
You don't need those tears.

You need to realise, 
That man's sweet talks were real lies,
And you need to know what's real lies..
Inside your heart

Your beautiful heart,
Is a target in a real man's dart, Is a masterpiece in his art,
If he ask you to be his wife will you play the part? 
Only God will promise they shall never be apart.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Happy Blog

I've been thinking too much on how disappointed I was,
So I lack to appreciate,
Appreciation, never initiated.

All she, she, she and she did
Was to drag what she could long had give,
Now you're all fucked up, so how could I forgive

It doesn't matter my heart had rot,
Being in denial is the last thing I had thought,
Now the negativity is in my mind,
But I'm keeping it, like my love you never mind.

It's time for me to keep chasing my dreams,
I'm probably done chasing a woman,
They sprint the Bolt with their heals,
I'm just gonna need some time,
It's just in a matter of time,
Time will heal.

This is the most fucked up poem I have ever made,
But like my structured poems for you ever did matter,
It took many guts to come with a jade,
Ops I dropped it now it shatters.

How you ran from your problems,
Is the exact way I ran out of the topic.

So how you fucked with my feelings,
Now I'm just feeling fucked up with your species.

Sunday, December 25, 2016


Seandainya kita tiada jodoh,
Kau lupakan aku,
Maafkan aku,
Kau fahami perit aku rasa bila hubungan kita tak terpaku

Saturday, December 24, 2016


You don't see anything,
You chose what you wanted to see,
But you didn't see me in the surface,
Because I was drowning in the sea.

I lost direction,

A million ways to your heart I've tried,
But shit I said never sounded true,
I'd be confessing honestly, honestly you thought I lied.

Never hating,

Just a TV show on air losing rating,
You got to admit the ego within us both,
Never relating.

But for one second it felt nice like a love bird dating,

But I learned to define giving up, always had an excuse to not let me in,
Now I'm no longer debating.

p.s. no pictures, you never liked your pictures uploaded

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Matt Elmo, 2016

Days go by,
You never said bye,
This all make doesn't make sense,
Now you're my alibi.

Never felt so bitter,
Never had a memory so sweeter,
Now I'm remembering you on and on,
And then update it on Twitter.

It's seems you're alive out there,
But you seem dead to me,
Why would I care?
Because your memories brought life to me.

I still remember how we met,
How we grow,
Your number is all I could forget,
But imaginations of you just won't go.

What's deeper than the sea,
Is the feeling you'll never see,
When a dairy becomes my poem,
I can call you my literacy. 

I know it seems that I can't go on,
But I'm trying to be strong,
It's a haunting memory, like Ju-on,
And when I look back, that's when shit goes wrong.

I pray to God to always protect you,
I pray to God to always give you forgiveness,
I swear to God if you come back out of the blue,
I swear to God I'd still want you back, motherfucking madness. 

- Sincerely yours, the person that always wished he was with you till we grow old

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Verse of life

Truth hurts, come here have a sit.
It hurts me not a lot but a bit,
But this is life, we live, we struggle, we die, so i'm not gonna give a shit

Had a lot of problems, 
You're just not in my shoes, you ignore it, but fuck it because it's not your problem

People come, people go,
But because bitches hurt us, it's unfair to call them hoes.
Nescafe on the go,
We move on, so let the wind blow.

But enough of my problems, 
They don't matter, I'm just mesmerizing,
They're so entertaining like Coconut Shake tepi jalan yo, appetizing. 

Hidup aku boleh buat countdown,
Sepuluh jari mengampuni dusta dan silap, ku hidup didunia, ini hanya nyawa sambilan,
Sembilan awan, nikmat dunia sampai cloud sembilan,
Lapan pintu syurga, perangai tetap ahli neraka,
Enam enam enam, maaf kadang aku memang celaka,
Lima rukun mudah tak dipatuhi,kenapa dengan aku?
Empat peluang jika tuhan bagi padaku,
Tiga peluang tetap aku lepas,
Dua pintu, azab neraka, bisa ku terlepas?
Satu kali peluang tuhan bagi aku hayat,
Kosong hati jika Syahadah sekadar ayat.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

It's not a nightmare, it's a bad dream

It was a beauty in patiences,
But it's just the same, like Chinese men in the States being called Asians.
Every dream, stays just a dream, every time we meet, there's just no relation

How could you believe me? I just broke your heart.

Because heart's are meant to break, they just don't do it themselves, a person tore it apart

But I'm really sorry for the hard times,

you deserved an apology because some people just don't deserve my pity.
I want you to take care of yourself, even if you think you're fat, you're still pretty.

Apologies on 20 bars,

rappers wannabe would think they murdered it on fourty,
They think they can score chicks, Say what? awek orang sapu maca roti?

This post ain't about hip hop,

This is an apology for giving her a rough time, she must be upset, because motherfuck i think my heart dropped. Again I say, I'm sorry