Saturday, November 19, 2016

Matt Elmo, 2016

Days go by,
You never said bye,
This all make doesn't make sense,
Now you're my alibi.

Never felt so bitter,
Never had a memory so sweeter,
Now I'm remembering you on and on,
And then update it on Twitter.

It's seems you're alive out there,
But you seem dead to me,
Why would I care?
Because your memories brought life to me.

I still remember how we met,
How we grow,
Your number is all I could forget,
But imaginations of you just won't go.

What's deeper than the sea,
Is the feeling you'll never see,
When a dairy becomes my poem,
I can call you my literacy. 

I know it seems that I can't go on,
But I'm trying to be strong,
It's a haunting memory, like Ju-on,
And when I look back, that's when shit goes wrong.

I pray to God to always protect you,
I pray to God to always give you forgiveness,
I swear to God if you come back out of the blue,
I swear to God I'd still want you back, motherfucking madness. 

- Sincerely yours, the person that always wished he was with you till we grow old